Paraguay is a mediterranean country located in the center of South America, bordering with Argentina, Bolivia and Brazil.

In the heart of South America, Paraguay welcome tourists with its great rivers, its palmares, its rich history, Guarani tradition and warmth of its people. In Alto Paraná (region "Triple Frontier" of Paraguay, Brazil and Argentina), the town of Ciudad del Este (the "Garden City") is highlighted. Founded in 1957, Ciudad del Este (formerly Puerto Stroessner) is now the second-largest city, a large shopping center close of the Parana River, linked to the Brazilian city of Foz do Iguacu (Foz do Iguaçu) through the De la Amistad Bridge.

In the West of the country lies the Paraguayan Chaco, a torrid vast region with palm groves, swamps, lowland forests and dry savanna zones, populated by a varied flora and fauna. There are: the city of Fuerte Olimpo, in the region of El Pantanal (region extending to Brazil and Bolivia), and the Mennonite communities of Loma Plata, Filadelfia, Neuland and Lolita.

Asuncion, capital of the Republic, founded in 1537 in a bay formed by the Paraguay River, is the largest urban conglomeration in the country, cultural centers, art galleries, museums, parks, casinos and everything you need to organize trade fairs, congresses and conventions worldwide.

Other sites of interest: Lake Ypacarai ("Blue Lake"), favorite vacation spot for many Argentines and Paraguayans; Itaipú, the world’s largest hydroelectric complex; the Jesuit Ruins, including Jesús de Tavarangué and Santísima Trinidad del Paraná (both in the department of Itapúa), declared "World Heritage" by UNESCO; Ayolas, Yacyretá Atinguy - for the fishing enthusiasts, with its goldfish mines, and where it is possible to find the "tigerfish".